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Do you have a company and want to make your own business visible to your customers?

Before-and-after comparisons are particularly important for your customers and show the impact of your product.

What is a business crystal?

Briefly explained in the video.


How do your devices, remedies or methods change the water?

A before / after comparison brings more light into the darkness.

Glücksgefühl Wasserkristalle_Watercrystal_Masaru_Emoto

Saliva before treatment

Saliva after treatment

  • How do devices for water revitalisation work?

  • How do care products appear in water?

  • How do dietary supplements show up in water?

  • You work in a healing profession and would like to see the change in people?

  • How do your music  show up in water?

2021-03-15 15-25-09 (C).jpg
Wasserkristall Fotografie; Watercrystal Photography


How does the water view your business?

Which crystal is created when the water sees your company as a whole or parts of it?


Water revitalisation

  • Logo of the company

  • Company building 

  • ...

Adidas Wasserkristall Fotografie; Watercrystal Photography

Would you like to give the rooms an individual touch?

Create special works of art and reinforce them with your message.


  • Company premises

  • Meeting rooms

  • Hotel room

  • ...

Wie sieht dein Trinkwasser aus?

Revitalised water

Homeopatic remedy




Revitalised water

Homeopathic remedy

Therapeutic sound

Therapeutic sound



Business requirements are usually quite specific. Tell me about your idea.


Then we both find a way to make your wish come true.

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